At last it can be told! The incredible TRUE story of the most dangerous man of all times!

   Some heroes are born. Others are made.

   And then there’s Bud Colbert—Time Travelin’ Janitor! Through no particular fault of his own, this beer-swilling cigarette smoking womanizer is pulled through time to be the messiah for a future peace-loving society.

   That’s when it all goes wrong. Believing his new-found followers are some sort of gay sex cult, Bud negatively impacts the space-time continuum. Then, with the help of a sentient Time Sphere, he travels back to the very beginning of time—and all points in between—to try to fix the past so that the future, HIS future, will exist once more.

   Except Bud doesn’t quite get it. Unconcerned with the incredible power at his fingertips to alter the course of human history, Bud considers it all just another mess to clean up so that he can return to his own time and his own life of drinking, smoking, and strip clubs.


So for a “hero” high on testosterone and low on political correctness, BUD COLBERT—TIME TRAVELIN’ JANITOR is your man. Then. Now. And for all time!

Created and Written by Troy Lowe and Jim Fader with art by Pat Carbajal and Javier Laparra, the first thrill-jammed 64 page adventure is available NOW!

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