#NeverTrump? #NotWithHer? Soothe Your Frayed Political Nerves with the 2016 Presidential Election Coloring Book Collectors' Editions!

Satirical political coloring books have a long history, and for some reason 'adult' coloring books have become a modern phenomenon, making these two publications more collectible than ever! Get this LIMITED EDITION Coloring Book before the election from Amazon NOW or save $1 when you order through CreateSpace and use the code YPFN2ANY. See below for other campaign collectibles!

DONALD v HILLARY Coloring Books There has never been a presidential election like this one! Both candidates have higher negatives than any nominee before them! Coverage is non-stop 24/7 on every network and website! Now RELAX and chill out with some humorous, therapeutic coloring books for you to wile away your anxiety! Whether you dislike Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (or BOTH), you'll get a kick out of these original collectors' edition coloring books created by the comic geniuses Paul Kupperberg and Cliff Mott, creators who had toiled for years at The Weekly World News, Cracked magazine and other humor outlets.


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NEVER TRUMP? Then get The Unofficial 2016 DONALD J. TRUMP vs HILLARY R. CLINTON Commemorative Coloring Book!

Can't stand the Donald? Have we got a coloring book for you! Pages of his goofs, gaffes and guffaws using his own words! Relieve your tension by coloring these pages or use them for target practice!


NOT WITH HER? The Unofficial 2016 DONALD J. TRUMP vs HILLARY R. CLINTON Commemorative Coloring Book is for you!

Not Standing Together with Hillary?! What are you, sexist? Regardless of your feelings, this coloring book will take you down memory lane with her mishaps, misremembering and mayhem using her own words! Address your stress by coloring these pages or just bash it with a sledgehammer like it's a secret cell phone!


No matter how you feel about either candidates, let's stand together and make America great again! These coloring books are lots of fun and sure to become valuable collectibles as future generations look back at 2016 and say... WAT?

The Creators


Paul Kupperberg is a Harvey, Eisner, and GLAAD Media Award nominated writer of the landmark “Death of Archie” story line and Kevin (Grossett & Dunlap), a young adult novel featuring the first gay character in the Archie Comics Universe. Paul has written over 1,000 comic book stories for DC, Marvel, Bongo, and others, and more than two dozen books of fiction and non-fiction for readers of all ages, including the comic book themed mystery novel, The Same Old Story (Crazy8Press.com). He is an Editor at Charlton Neo, also writing for The Charlton Arrow, Charlton Wild Frontier, Paul Kupperberg’s Secret Romances, Unusual Suspense and other upcoming Neo titles. Paul has also been an editor for DC Comics, Weekly World News, and WWE. You can follow Paul at PaulKupperberg.com, on Twitter (@PaulKupperberg), and Facebook.

Cliff Mott joined animation studio, Rankin-Bass, as a storyboard artist in his first professional experience. Upon the studio’s retirement, Cliff followed fellow Pratt Institute compatriots Rick Altergott and Dan Clowes to Cracked magazine in support of new editor Mort Todd’s reinvention of that title, joining as art director. Applying that experience has been key to Cliff’s success as a freelance artist with clients ranging from the New York Post, Reader’s Digest, and Playboy. Specializing in humorous caricatures, Cliff has drawn musical artists from ABBA to Zappa and provided CD covers and marketable images for artists like The Loser’s Lounge, The Fleshtones, Dictators, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and the late Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. Cliff has illustrated such tomes as the Punk Rock Book Of Lists, The Heavy Metal Book Of Lists and The Official Book of Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll Lists. See more of his work at www.cliffmott.com


Get this collectible NOW on AMAZON!

$1 OFF when you order through CreateSpace and use code YPFN2ANY


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