SADISTIK's Dark Angel

Luciana Paoli portrays SADISTIK's lover Dana

   While SADISTIK must naturally have numerous trysts in the course of his adventures, his one true love is his inseparable companion Dana. For the run of the series from 1966 to 1969 the voluptuous, luscious Luciana Paoli played his paramour. Before and during SADISTIK, Luciana engaged in a movie career, performing in European historical dramas, adventure films and spy spoofs.

   The Abruzzi, Italy native's first film, 1954's The Queen of Babylon, starred Rhonda Fleming and Ricardo Montalban. Next year she appeared in another historical drama, Beautiful But Dangerous with Gina Lollobrigida and Vittorio Gassman, and future horror film master Mario Bava (and Danger: Diabolik director) served as cinematographer. Luciana was in the 1965 sword and sandal film known under different titles including Maciste, Avenger of the Mayans, which was cobbled together from a few films. She shot her most well known film that year, Casanova 70 with Marcello Mastroianni, which also featured Danger: Diabolik's co-star Marisa Mell. An alluring pin-up photography shoot to promote the film appears in the SADISTIK DOUBLE FEATURE THRILLER.

Luciana Paoli SADISTIK Pin-Ups
Various pin-ups of Luciana Paoli as Dana, Sadistik's fatal lover!
    By 1966 she began starring in the SADISTIK photo novels but still acted in films, like the semi-amusing James Bond spoof Seven Golden Women Against Two 07 (as one of the Golden Women) with Jayne Mansfield's bodybuilding husband Mickey Hargitay. Luciana did a few more films including a medical comedy with Alberto Sordi in 1968. She continued to star in SADISTIK for another year and retired. When contacted by director SS-Sunda to participate in THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL, a documentary about SADISTIK, she unfortunately declined.

Luciana Paoli Pin-Ups

    Luciana Paoli was the subject of numerous photo shoots... mostly cheesecake and pin-ups. Many pictures made it into American magazines as well. Pictured above are a series of Paoli pin-ups from the February 1960 issue of Male magazine. The title was published by the sister company of Marvel Comics and the editor was Bruce Jay Friedman, later a well-known writer and father of cartoonist Drew Friedman. The magazine mostly published pulpy and sexy adventure stories with exciting illustrations by top-notch artists. Along with gags and cartoons, pin ups were a regular feature and Volume 10, Number 2 features an spread on the future Dana. Here’s the brief text accompanying the photos:


Everyone in Rome knows what 20-year-old Luciana Paoli does--- stops traffic, causes riots, competes with the Coliseum as Rome’s chief tourist attraction--- but no one has the faintest idea what the father of this new starlet does. MALE knows. It’s been Luciana’s best kept secret. Daddy’s a construction engineer.

    “Most of us with the large figure say it prevents people from taking us seriously as actresses. This is not so. My large figure won’t stop me from becoming an actress.”

Luciana Paoli Pin-Ups

The August 1961 edition of Frolic has her cover-featured as "The Gal Who Made The Roman Romeo's Rave." It boasts she has a breast measurement of 42" and includes a pictorial. Four pages of Luciana photos were also printed in the fourth issue of The Vagabond in 1961. More on her, stateside, is unknown. With the continued success of SADISTIK perhaps there will be a renewed interest in this Junoesque beauty that left such a mark in the genre of the dark photo books.


Luciana Paoli Pin-Ups

POW-POW-PAOLI! Three faces of Luciana: (L) A pin up from Gaze, an American magazine from Humorama, February, 1961. (Center) Luciana graces the cover of the Italian "New High Tension Special Collection" from February 1965. (R) A frame capture from Luciana's classic spy spoof Sette donne d'oro contro due 07 (1966) around the time she started her role as Dana.


Archive Footage:
The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal (2007) .... Dana


Luciana Paoli on Film

Some of the films of Luciana Paoli: On the left, photos and poster from Casanova '70, starring Marcelo Mastroianni. (More pin ups from the film appear in the SADISTIK Double Feature Thriller, now on sale!) On the right, posters of her other films.


Luciana in Lord X

DANA CHEATS ON THE KING OF CRIME? Luciana Paoli appeared in other photo novels, including as Eva, the companion of Lord X. The publishers figured if the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal could make a "Killing" with a black cover, a yellow circle and Dana, then they could do as well with a black cover, yellow pentagon and Eva! She wasn't actually cheating on The Diabolikal One, as the same actor that played Sadistik portrayed Lord X! After appearing in the first issue, the editors promised her return... though she never did. They milked Luciana's star appeal by featuring her on the next cover and with an ad mentioning she was on 'vacation,' but by issue 3 she was replaced with 'Barbara."


Luciana in Lord X

LORD X #1 had some pages in color, showcasing Luciana's strawberry blonde hair and other assets. Whether in color or black & white, Luciana spends most of her time getting menaced, pawed at, stripped and bound. Business as usual for the fetching photo novel star!



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Luciana Paoli

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