Hourglass, Mistress of Time!



Reality name: ISABELLA (Last name lost to time)

Isabella was afraid of shadows, especially when they came alive! When she was young, the shadows in her room took form. She would lay awake in the dark waiting for the Man-Shadow to appear in her bedroom, hoping against all hope that it would leave her alone.


With each night the Man-Shadow became more tangible, more hurtful, more horrible to bear. Just the sound of its fingers upon the doorknob would make her panic, but she knew if she screamed more shadows would appear, more pain, more horror.

The Man-Shadow took things from her, things that could never be replaced, but Isabella was a strong girl, and she held onto her spirit. One evening when the beautiful, but betraying moon cast its light inside her room she saw it coming for her and she knew it might take everything. Her very soul was at risk, her breath, her skin, her eyes, her favorite Teddy bear.

This is when Isabella chose with all her will to never be touched by shadows again. She watched it move toward her bedside. She simply… willed herself (and her Teddy bear) to be somewhere else… some time else.

And she disappeared… through time, and came to master it by overcoming her fears.

Skills & abilities: Hourglass is the only known organic time traveler. She can move back and forth through time streams, apparently through the strength of her own will. When she touches objects or people, she can move them into the time stream as well. However, she does not yet have complete control over this ability, sometimes making her an extreme danger to herself and others.

Special appearances in literature: Monster Zipper (2008), Agents of Karma (2010), and in the graphic novel Secret Society Origins No. 1 (2015) by Bradley Mason Hamlin & Mort Todd.


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