Codename: PIGMAN

Reality name: PAUL KOWALSKI

Paul Kowalski loves comic books, and when he was just a young boy of twelve, he answered one of those kooky advertisements in the pages of one of his favorite monster comics.

“Are you weak? No muscles? Girls put you down? Tired of getting your face shoved in the sand at the beach? Do you wear glasses? Speech impediment? Are you short or just plain ugly? Pimples? Asthma? Dandruff?

“Well, look no further than: ANIMAL OIL DELUXE! Write to us now and you just maybe be selected for our FREE TRIAL OFFER and/or a trip to our PRIVATE ISLAND RESORT!”

Long story short, Paul won the contest and was flown, along with other young health enthusiasts to the private island resort, run by one Dr. Marvin Moreau. After a series of painful and torturous treatments with Animal Oil Deluxe – young Paul, the iconic 99 pound weakling, became THE POWERFUL PIGMAN!

Skills & abilities: Pigman, a human/suidae hybrid, has the advantage of enhanced hearing, intellect, sense of smell, speed, and strength. He rides a Custom Hog motorcycle tricked out with gadgets by Society member: MJ-13. He is also notoriously known for his HAM-FISTED punch and his PORKCHOP kung fu.

Special appearances in literature: Monster Zipper (2008), Agents of Karma (2010), and in the graphic novel Secret Society Origins No. 1 (2015) by Bradley Mason Hamlin & Mort Todd.


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